Lady Gaga's Miami Concert Had To Be Interrupted Short Because Of Lightning And Rain

Lady Gaga's Miami Concert Had To Be Interrupted Short Because Of Lightning And Rain
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Lady Gaga , the pop diva and actress who had to cut short her performance in Miami on Saturday owing to "dangerous" weather and lightning, reportedly cried onstage.

The 36-year-Instagram old's post apologizing for the postponement due to rain was a wet one, but she admitted that some of her fans may have hoped she would perform regardless of the weather.

When the rains finally let up, she stated through tears in a video message, "we truly tried to finish the show," but they couldn't since the lightning was so near to the earth.

I don't know what I'd do if something happened to someone in the audience or to one of my crew, band, or dancers. I know that for a long time I've always wanted to be that hardcore bad b-ch. But what I actually want is to also be responsible and loving.

The "A Star Is Born" starlet expressed regret that she was unable to play her upcoming single "Rain on Me" in the rain, but insisted that the choice to cancel the show in the middle of the set was the correct one.

"I'm sorry I couldn't finish the show; the lightning was too dangerous, changing direction and intensity from moment to moment," the "Bad Romance" singer wrote in a second post.

Despite the fact that some of you have dubbed me "mother monster" for years, I have always felt it was more important to keep you safe. I appreciate your confidence in me.

Gaga's international summer stadium tour, Chromatica Ball," came to a close with a gig at Miami's Hard Rock Stadium on Saturday. The year 2020 saw the release of her album Chromatica.

It's like I've always known this day would come, and for that, I am eternally grateful to you, my dancers, my band, the complete team, and all of my family and friends. Prioritize your safety. I adore you.

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