KUWTK: Tristan Thompson Reportedly Looking To Sign With A New Team To Be Closer To Khloe Kardashian And Their Daughter!

KUWTK: Tristan Thompson Reportedly Looking To Sign With A New Team To Be Closer To Khloe Kardashian And Their Daughter!
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According to some new reports, Tristan Thompson is ‘looking to leave’ the Cleveland Cavaliers and this change in his life and career is because he wants to be close to Khloe Kardashian and their daughter, True. This is what an unnamed source tells HollywoodLife, explaining that he is ready for this new step.

It’s no secret that the basketball player has been playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers ever since 2011 but it really looks like it’s time for him to move on to another team.

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The insider dished that ‘As much as money's important, and Cleveland can give him the most, he's looking to be closer to LA so he can be closer to True and Khloe. Who he signs with will be based on the discussions he already has had with Khloe and what's right for both of them.’

And it seems like he definitely won’t have a lot of trouble finding another team since a few have already expressed interest in Tristan, including the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers.

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‘The Los Angeles Clippers and Lakers are considering bringing him in…Earlier this week the Golden State Warriors had interest but that may have waned since they are dealing with injuries to some of their main players and are looking to see if they must spend their money elsewhere,’ the insider dished.

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They went on to say that there's still a possibility that the sportsman will stay in the east, or even go back to his Toronto hometown!


‘The Boston Celtics and Toronto Raptors have put out their feelers as well. Unless Cleveland brings the brinks truck out for Tristan he is looking to leave the team and will sign with another team before Thanksgiving. His agents are going to be working overtime this weekend to get him the best deal but the likelihood of him signing with a new team is in the forefront to happen in the next couple days and likely happen no later than Tuesday.’


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