King Von's Ex-Girlfriend Asian Doll Is Still Grieving After His Death

King Von's Ex-Girlfriend Asian Doll Is Still Grieving After His Death
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It's been a tough time for the hip-hop community, that much is for certain. Hot New Hip Hop picked up on a new Twitter post from Asian Doll this weekend, the former girlfriend of the late King Von , in which she claimed she was still grieving.

Doll shared an Instagram Livestream session on her account which showed her and King Von enjoying a night together. Asian Doll wrote in the caption of the screenshot, "we used to act like 2 teenagers in love."

When King Von died , he and Asian Doll were already broken up, but it's clear they still had a lot of love for each other. Asian Doll has continously paid tribute to King Von over the last few weeks, ever since he was shot and killed outside of an Atlanta establishment.

As the reports have indicated, Quando Rondo and his crew were reportedly responsible for it, although, it's not clear who shot King Von as of now. Following the rapper's passing, Asian Doll said she was going to get a tattoo of him on her face.

Surprisingly, the rapper told her fans and followers in recent news that King Von was actually her first real boyfriend. The sentimental value of her romance with King Von is undoubtedly playing a role in terms of how she feels about his death, and how she has dealt with it.

Doll shared another clip in which she and King Von were riding in an elevator. The performing artist said that she used to hate going out with him in public because she didn't want to share him. This past week, Asian Doll shared more photos and videos from her relationship with him.

As it was previously reported, King Von was shot and killed during the election week. The rapper and his crew were in a nightlife establishment in Atlanta, Georgia, when gunfire broke out and men rushed out of the venue.


Shots were fired and a few men were killed, with King Von just being one of them. Other men fled the scene initially but wound up going to the hospital.

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