KUWK: Sources Close To Khloe Kardashian Claim Her Posts Are Not Shading Tristan Thompson

KUWK: Sources Close To Khloe Kardashian Claim Her Posts Are Not Shading Tristan Thompson
Credit: Source: Pop Culture

Khloe Kardashian is the queen of quote-reposts but she isn't exactly the master of subtlety. After the 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star got followers talking about her uploads yet again, a source close to the mom insists that they aren't about shading her boyfriend Tristan Thompson.

As you probably already know, it was almost a year ago when the basketball player earned the nickname Third Trimester Thompson for cheating on his girlfriend who was nine months pregnant at the time with a rumored number of five women.

Since then, much to the dismay of her family members, Khloe has decided to stick it out and make things work with her baby's daddy. That didn't stop her from getting real about the pain she felt, and still feels, about that shocking turn of events where she had to deliver her baby without knowing where she stood with the NBA baller.

The 'KUWK' personality has tried to make the most of enjoying her little family but when she's constantly reminded on social media of what Tristan did -- it can be hard to withhold those feelings.

It makes every little thing she posts seemingly appear to be aimed at Tristan and his infidelities but an insider is claiming quite the opposite.

For example, the reality star recently posted a quote about hoping everything gets better for everyone.

The source explained: "Khloe is motivated to live her life on her own terms and she enjoys sharing her thoughts and ideas with the world. Posting quotes on Instagram is her own creative way to speak to Tristan [Thompson], her sisters, family and to let the whole world know how she feels at the same time."

Another repost read: "A soulmate isn’t someone who completes you. No, a soulmate is someone who inspires you to complete yourself."

However, it's not what you think.

The Kardashian-adjacent person says: "Khloe’s quote about soulmates was not her throwing any kind of shade at Tristan, not at all. She is actually sharing about what a real soulmate is because that is the kind of relationship she feels she and Tristan are building."

If this is true, it's great to see that Khloe and Tristan are now on the same page.


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