KUWK: Kylie Jenner Talks Plastic Surgery And Engagement Rumors!

KUWK: Kylie Jenner Talks Plastic Surgery And Engagement Rumors!
Credit: Source: eonline.com

The makeup mogul got candid about her plastic surgery and all the other rumored procedures she has not actually gotten during an interview for the latest issue of PAPER magazine. Furthermore, Kylie Jenner also addressed those speculations that she and baby daddy Travis Scott are engaged and talked about being a ‘young mom.’

Many people think that the KUWK star looks very different than what she used to only a few years back which is why she is believed to have cosmetically enhanced many parts of her body and face.

However, the younger Jenner sister argues that they just underestimate the power of makeup as well as social media filters.

‘People think that I fully went under the knife and completely reconstructed my whole face, which is completely false. I am terrified. I would never [do that],’ the 21 year old mother explained to the news outlet.

About those rumors that she completely reconstructed her cheeks and jaw in her teens, Kylie said that ‘It is fillers. I am not denying that.’

About her alleged secret engagement with her rapper beau, Kylie went ahead to assure her fans that Travis is yet to propose.

Regardless, the magazine wrote that she ‘seems certain’ he will do it pretty ‘soon.’

‘I'll let everybody know,’ Kylie promised.

Finally, the reality TV star talked about motherhood, saying: ‘It is genuinely what I wanted... to be a young mom. I thought, 'This I what I want to do, and if people accept it or do not accept it then I am okay with every outcome.’


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