Every Reason Counting On Fans Are Sure That Jana Duggar Is Finally Courting

Every Reason Counting On Fans Are Sure That Jana Duggar Is Finally Courting
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Jana Duggar has been the subject of courting rumors for quite some time, and the wait might finally be over. Here are all of the reasons why Counting On fans are sure Jana has finally started courting .

Jana’s age is one of the biggest reasons why fans think she is in a relationship. At the age of 29, Jana is far behind her siblings in the marriage and family department. By comparison, Jill Duggar already has two children under her wing and is only 27 years old. Joy-Anna Duggar, meanwhile, just turned 21 and already has one child with her husband, Austin Forsyth.

Raised in a family that actively encourages getting married and having children, Jana has to be feeling the pressure. According to The Hollywood Gossip , her family has already talked about her single status on the show and on social media, making it clear that they are aware of the situation.

Another reason why Jana might be courting is her recent activity on social media. Most of the Duggar children do not create their own social media accounts until after they are married.

But Jana seemingly broke this unsaid rule when she started her own Instagram account last month. Jana has assured fans that having an Instagram page does not mean she is courting, but fans were not convinced.

Especially after a little social media flirting between her and Bringing Up Bates hottie Lawson Bates, who fans have been shipping for Jana for years.

If Jana is courting, we can only hope the new season fills us in. The teaser trailer for the new season of Counting On seemed to hint at Jana’s courtship, which is promising. The clip featured one of the show’s producers teasing the family that a major surprise was about to be announced, leaving fans wondering if it has something to do with Jana’s love life.

Unfortunately, fans will have to tune in to the new season of Counting On which airs Monday nights on TLC.


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