KUWK: Is Drake Trying To Start A Longterm Relationship With Kylie Jenner?

KUWK: Is Drake Trying To Start A Longterm Relationship With Kylie Jenner?
Credit: Source: elle.com

Kylie Jenner and Drake have been spending some time together and rumor has it that they are romantically involved! Previously, insider reports claimed the makeup mogul is not ready for a serious commitment with the rapper after breaking up with her baby daddy, Travis Scott not too long ago.

But how does Drake feel about Kylie? Is he more willing to start a serious relationship with her or are they on the same wavelength?

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star and the rapper were first romantically linked at his birthday party and ever since, sources have been saying that the two like each other’s company and are having fun but without being in an actual relationship.

As it seems, that is still the case as one new insider tells HollywoodLife that ‘As much as people would like for Drake and Kylie to be a thing, it just isn’t happening. Drake's a flirt and he has a really good time with Kylie when they're around each other but he is not going to be starting anything with her romantically, all they are is friends. They'll hang out again in the future but now neither of them are taking it to another level.’

‘Drake has been close to Kris and the family for a very long time and right now Drake isn't trying to be in a committed relationship with anyone. They both have a connection since they have known each other for so long but the spark to make it physical has not happened between the two,’ they went on to dish.

Besides, both have busy careers and a lot more to focus on.

Speaking of, Kylie just wants to do a good job as a mother for now so finding love after her split from Travis is not a priority.


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