Nene Leakes Says She's Not Interested In Kenya Moore's Marriage And Doubles Down On Cynthia Bailey Having 'Another Side' To Her

Nene Leakes Says She's Not Interested In Kenya Moore's Marriage And Doubles Down On Cynthia Bailey Having 'Another Side' To Her
Credit: Source: Bravo

Nene Leakes was noticeably missing from the Real Housewives of Atlanta season 12 premiere. The Queen of RHOA will be back on episode three of the new season but, for now, she is giving interviews as juicy as the hour-long program.

It has been rumored that Nene is gunning for Kenya Moore this season on the show. It's not hard to believe considering Leakes was extremely upset at Cynthia Bailey and Kandi Burruss for inviting the mother of one to her party on season 11 finale.

The latest word on the street says that Nene may have confronted the Queen of Twirls about her marriage is more of a business arrangement than it was about real love. The most scandalous rumor is that the Broadway star made contact with Marc Daly after the two announced their sudden divorce.


However, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight -- Nene claims she doesn't care enough about Kenya to do that.

'I'm not even interested in her marriage. I wouldn't even care to get any dirt on her marriage, that's not who I am. Now she, on the other hand, would probably care to get something on me, but I don't care about her marriage, I wish them well.'

She also commented on her feud with Cynthia that will surely be addressed this season. Up until the smoking gun recording of Kandi and Cynthia allegedly colluding to have Kenya appear at the Seagram's party was released, the supermodel was seen as a very neutral party who appeared to be one of 'Nene's minions.'

Leakes wants people to know that Bailey isn't the angel that Bravo portrays her to be.

She told Kevin Frazier: 'I think a lot of people over the years have felt I was the more aggressive one in our relationship, or she was following me around or something to that effect, and that's not the case. Cynthia definitely has a side to her that, for whatever reason, Bravo has not shown that side of her.'

Do you thin Nene will involve herself in Kenya's divorce drama? Do you think Cynthia isn't so innocent after all?


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  • Anon
    Anon Nov 10, 2019 12:31 PM PST

    I don't think it's about Kenya's marriage at all. I think it's Kenya personality and nothing she does on the show is real, it's all fake from day one. Bravo had never made her or filmed on her lies, they just slide on by them i.e. the rumors and lies she told on Walter when the truth came out about their relationship, could have ruined his business and then passed around a rumor on Kim Fields's husband when she got upset with Cynthia for choice in selecting her to direct the commercial. Then was she not really upset when NeNe came back to the show, crying and acting a fool because she felted she was Cynthia's bestie and upset because NeNe came back. Well Kenya what goes around come around. She even flirted with Porsha ex. Plus she needs to stop talking about Paris birthday trip for her daughter, one year that's another lie, she should just say I wanted to go to Paris and where I go my baby goes, know she doesn't know what's going on but I will have pics to show her. Paris is the city of love for grown ups, did it work Kenya, no, because the relationship is Fake and Bravo again is letting her get away with it. My opinion, it's ok for you to have yours but don't give it on my opinion use your own reasons for why you like her. My opinion is not up for change. Maybe a little with a REAL marriage license and a couple of people in the photo stepping forward. I find it odd not one person that was there would step up for her. Is the pic real

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