Kristen Stewart's 'Batman' Support 'Means The World' To Robert Pattinson, Source Says - Here's Why!

Kristen Stewart's 'Batman' Support 'Means The World' To Robert Pattinson, Source Says - Here's Why!
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It sounds like Robert Pattinson really appreciates his ex, Kristen Stewart’s compliments when it comes to his big role as Batman! Sure enough, the actress seemed to really cheer on him when she found out and one insider report claims to know that her support means a lot to Robert!

As fans remember, Kristen previously raved that she was ‘crazy happy’ for her former Twilight co-star and even praised his ‘perfect cheekbones’ since they make him really look like the ideal Bruce Wayne.

Now, one insider tells HollywoodLife that ‘She knows what a huge deal this is to Rob, it’s literally a dream come true for him because growing up he was obsessed with Batman. He even had the costume and went through a stage where he didn’t take it off, so Kristen knows how special this is for Rob. Her support is deeply personal. Rob appreciates her support so much and it really means a lot to him because he still really respects her opinion.’

They went on to explain that ‘Rob and Kristen grew up in Hollywood in such a way together and what they dealt with created a deep bond. So when it comes to her confidence in him and support she has for him for his future role as Batman, he really appreciates it because coming from her is something that he holds as something very important and special as he really respects her thoughts.’

In Hollywood, being recognized by critics is always great but the way people respond to a casting or project is even more important.

That being said, Rob is really touched she had such positive things to say about his casting as a younger Batman and is planning on being just as supportive of her projects!

The source mentions that their compliments are not too surprising since they have a lot of respect for one another as they worked together for so long.


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