Kristen Stewart Rocks Robert Pattinson's T-Shirt Sending 'Twilight' Fans Into A Frenzy

Kristen Stewart Rocks Robert Pattinson's T-Shirt Sending 'Twilight' Fans Into A Frenzy
Credit: Source: UK Independent

Will Twilight fans ever give up on Robsten? Seven years after their split due to cheating allegations and damning paparazzi photos, fans of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are losing their minds over recent photos that have surfaced of Stewart seemingly wearing one of Pattinson’s old Beastie Boys t-shirts.

That’s right. A t-shirt has fans longing for the days when Stewart and Pattinson were together, and it is all thanks to journalist Evan Ross Katz. After Stewart was spotted in the shirt, he did a little digging and discovered that it used to be Pattinson’s way back in the day. If it’s not the same shirt, it’s a perfect copy.

"I like to imagine Ms. Stewart getting custody of this t-shirt after her breakup with Mr. Pattinson in 2012, immediately cutting it into this here crop top. A sensible crop for a relatable sentiment," Katz wrote on Instagram.

One fan wrote that Stewart and Pattinson’s love story is better than Twilight because it involves a t-shirt, while another added, “ooo Robsten, my childhood memories.”

However, according to Pop Culture , there are still many skeptics. Not everyone believed it was Pattinson’s shirt after a close side-by-side comparison. One noted that Stewart’s shirt possibly had longer sleeves than Pattinson’s, and another pointed out their height and size differences.

No matter if it is a cool shirt from a past relationship or if it is her own, fans still have hope that someday the two actors will get back together. They are seemingly friends once again after cameras spotted the two last summer at a Los Angeles event, and a fan reportedly saw them together at a bar.

The sightings didn’t mean the two were back together again romantically, but Pattinson did said nice words about Stewart in a recent interview and referenced his “warm memories” about that time in his life.

"It’s lovely now that the mania is not so intense. People come up (to me) and just have very fond memories of it," said Pattinson. “It’s a really sweet thing. I think the only scary part was right in the thick of it all, when it was very, very intense. Now the intensity has died down, and it’s just very warm memories.”

Pattinson is currently in a relationship with Suki Waterhouse, and Stewart has been dating her girlfriend, Sara Dinkin, since late last year. Cameras spotted the couple recently on a trip to the grocery store, and Stewart kept things super casual sporting a ripped-collar sweatshirt with gray sweatpants. Dinkin showed off a glimpse of her toned tummy with a white cut off shirt and black leggings.

Kristen Stewart will be returning to the big screen this November in the Charlie’s Angels reboot, while Pattinson recently starred in High Life. He also has several different projects currently in post-production that have 2019 or 2020 release dates.


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