Kirk Frost Praises The Best President, Barack Obama - Check Out His Post

Kirk Frost Praises The Best President, Barack Obama - Check Out His Post
Credit: BET

Rasheeda Frost's husband, Kirk Frost, praised President Barack Obama, and his fans are flooding the comments section with love and admiration for the former president.

'The best @barackobama #bestpresidentever #president #obamadayjune14th #obama,' Kirk captioned his post.

Someone said: 'For people, you keep saying it’s not Obama’s birthday we know, today is the clown’s in the White House birthday, but we want to show the world he’s not our President Obama is until further notice 🤷🏾‍♀️#happyObamaDay.'

A follower posted this question: 'Why do you guys worship this individual so much? It's odd. He's done zero for his community. He's a career politician, corrupt as the day is long and you guys treat him like your savor. It's really bizarre.'

One other commenter wrote: 'Orange guy never smile or show any affection towards his wife.'

Someone else loves the bond between Barack and Michelle: 'Love how he kisses Michelle s forehead After planting one on her lips 👄, True love, true inspiration!'

Kirk also believes that the law enforcement should not be abolished, but reconstructed.

'This is why nationally law enforcement should be disassembled and reconstructed. NOT abolished. You can’t change 269 years of racist police culture without purging the entire system and rebooting with a new culture and understanding.
I’d guess 40% of law enforcement would have to be replaced with a new generation of retrained police with new measures and laws that protect civilians from murder and abuse.' Kirk re-posted.

A follower said: 'They clearly have another force within their brotherhood unspoken that's telling them what to do- what to focus on.'

In other news, not too long ago, Kirk shared a message that impressed him about the George Floyd case.

You should definitely check out the words that managed to get to his fans as well. It's about when the late George Floyd called for his mother before he died.


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