Barack Obama Receives His First Emmy Award For Narrating Netflix Movies

Barack Obama Receives His First Emmy Award For Narrating Netflix Movies
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The five-part Netflix documentary film Our Great National Parks, for which the former governor, 61, was recognized as an outstanding narrator on Saturday, earned him his first Emmy Award.

The documentary is the result of his efforts during his two terms as president to create and broaden safeguards for more than 550 million acres of public lands and waters in the United States. It was generated by his and his wife Michelle Obama's banner Higher Ground as part of a bigger deal with Netflix.

According to Barack in the video, when humans first began to save these natural areas, we had no idea how significant they would eventually be. Both endangered wildlife and scientific research thrive there. Barack talked about his memories of visiting national parks while in government with Michelle, 58, and his children Malia, 24, and Sasha, 21.

Barack mentioned in a video clip that we were so cramped in the White House. Every time we went on one of these visits, feelings were aroused, and you could see reflections of what this world had to give... Every time I would return home changed in a manner that no other events had.

Along with David Attenborough for The Mating Game, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for Black Patriots: Heroes of the Civil War, W. Kamau Bell for We Need to Talk About Cosby, and Lupita Nyong'o for Serengetti II, he was listed.

Barack has already received two Grammy Awards, first for The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream in 2008 and second for Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance in 2006, both for his narration of an audiobook.

The Nobel Peace Prize winner needs an Academy Award and a Tony Award to complete the prestigious EGOT.


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