Jane Fonda Receives Love And Support From All Over The Industry After She Goes Public With Her Cancer Diagnosis

Jane Fonda Receives Love And Support From All Over The Industry After She Goes Public With Her Cancer Diagnosis
Credit: Caroline McCredie

Actress and climate activist, Jane Fonda recently took to her social media handles to announce that she has been diagnosed with a non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The actress revealed that she has already begun chemo therapy for her treatment and that she is handling it well. The actress talked about how the condition has a 80% recovery rate and hence she is very lucky. Talking further along the same lines she revealed that she is also lucky to have health insurance and access to some of the best doctors and hospitals which many people America do not. She talked about the importance of remedying this state of affairs and also said that she will be continuing her climate activism.

Fans applauded Jane Fonda for her positive approach to the situation and for using her platform to spread awareness on important issue. One Twitter user said:

“Jane Fonda making her entire cancer announcement post about healthcare inequality, reducing environmental causes for cancer, and continuing her activism, I honestly don’t know a better person.”

Speaking of social media, several other celebrities took to theirs and wished Fonda the best and sent her all of their love and prayers.

Chelsea Handler took to social media to write, “Love you, Jane. Thinking of you, always.”

Meanwhile, Reese Witherspoon wrote, “Sending you all my strength! Love you, Jane.”

Naomi Campbell expressed her love and support in he following words:

”GRACEFUL QUEEN. @janefonda thank you, even at this difficult time you are sharing with [us]. It’s so important to have a positive mindset!! And you do, GOD BLESS [you]!! My thoughts and prayers are with you..”

Diane Keaton praised Jane Fonda for her fight and went as far as to call her a warrior:

“We love you, Jane. You are my hero. You are a warrior. All of my life I have been in awe of all that you do. I will continue to admire the crusader you have always been and always will be.”

Jane Fonda has said that her Chemo sessions will last at least 6 months and fans are praying that she will come out the other side just fine.

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