Rasheeda Frost's Husband, Kirk Frost Shared An Emotional Message On His Social Media Account

Rasheeda Frost's Husband, Kirk Frost Shared An Emotional Message On His Social Media Account
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Rasheeda Frost's husband, Kirk Frost shared a message that impressed him about the George Floyd case. Check out the words that managed to get to his fans as well.

'rp 🥺 wow this was so deep... #blacklivesmatter #georgefloyd,' Kirk captioned his post.

A commenter said: 'I am one of those mothers. I have two sons and I would die for them,' and someone else posted this message: 'So very TRUE we ALL felt his pain just broke my heart 💔💔 #nojusticenopeace.'

One follower said: 'My heart just broke when he called out for his mother,' and another fan posted this message: 'This was so Deep it Resonated in my soul enough is enough it's time for change 🖤 I am a mother my heart is broken.'

Someone else said: 'Amen it broke my heart if I was there I was his mother,' and a commenter wrote: 'That put tears in my eyes; I promise you it did. Damn!!'

Another follower wrote: 'I have 3 sons and I cdnt finish watching the video. My heart broke,' and a fan posted this message: 'I still cry just thinking about it...I have 3 sons and 5 grandsons, my heart and soul cried for him.'

Someone else posted this: 'Sooo deep, my heart just broke even more when he called out to his mama. I couldn't watch the whole video because my soul was crying. Police brutality and racism NEEDS TO END.'

A follower wrote: 'It's true. When I watched the video, and at the part, he called for his mother, I started to cry. Can you imagine?' and an Instagrammer said: 'A black mother said that, next day a white women repeated it and got praised for it by black ppl.'

Other than this, Rasheeda shared a message on social media in which she was telling people that there’s a small victory as all the officers involved in the murder of George Floyd are charged.

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