Kim Kardashian Wants The Creepypasta 'Momo Challenge' Off YouTube But Some Say It's Just A Myth

Kim Kardashian Wants The Creepypasta 'Momo Challenge' Off YouTube But Some Say It's Just A Myth
Credit: Source: Kim Kardashian/Twitter

Now that Kim Kardashian is a mother, she spends more time doing motherly things. Now she's looking out for children online who may be influenced by the Creepypasta "Momo Challenge." While Momo is one of the Creepypasta characters, there doesn't seem to be evidence of the "Momo Challenge."

Kim Kardashian chose her Instagram account as the platform for making her public plea and many mothers across social media thanked her. In her IG story, Kim Kardashian shared comments by a concerned mother who feared that the Momo Challenge was interrupting YouTube videos while children and teens were watching wholesome, kid-oriented videos,  encouraging them to engage in dangerous, violent acts and even create suicide videos.

Those who are familiar with the Japanese statue and meme Momo say that it is just a hoax to scare parents, but Kim Kardashian and other concerned parents say that suicide is nothing to joke around with. While that may be true in getting rid of the memes or having open discussions with children regarding the impact of Creepypasta and other social media trends, it doesn't seem to have much weight on YouTube as they say there are no "Momo Challenge" videos to remove.

Kim Kardashian shared the following message from a concerned parent in her Instagram post.

“Parents please be aware and very cautious of what your child watches on YouTube and Kids Youtube.  There is a thing called "Momo" that’s instructing kids to kill themselves, turn stoves on while everyone is sleep and even threatening to kill the children if they tell their parents."

You can see more about Kim Kardashian's plea to YouTube below.

The news is going viral, however; there remains no confirmation that the Momo Challenge is actually popping up in kids' online videos.

Additionally, there hasn't been any proof that children or teens are actually participating in these dangerous acts and attempting violent or suicidal acts.

Have you heard of the Momo Challenge or seen evidence that it is real?

Stay tuned on this breaking news story for more updates and information regarding the Momo Challenge and Kim Kardashian's plight to get YouTube to intervene.

If anything changes on YouTube's side or if proof of the videos surfaces, you'll find the latest news updates here.

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