Kim Kardashian Shares New Video Of Chicago West With A Snake Around Her Neck — 'My Brave Girl'

Kim Kardashian Shares New Video Of Chicago West With A Snake Around Her Neck — 'My Brave Girl'
Credit: Source: Kim Kardashian/Instagrma

Kim Kardashian recently shared new photos of Saint West, North West, and Psalm West. On Wednesday morning, she uploaded a new video of her 19-month old daughter Chicago to her Instagram account. As Kim's recent pics of her other children went viral, the new video of Chicago playing naturally with a snake around her neck is also going viral. Chicago seemed to be perfectly content with the snake and showed no signs of fear. Wearing the snake like a necklace, there is one adorable moment when Chicago looks the snake square in the face and seems delighted to have a living creature held in the palm of her hand.

Kim has 146 million followers and the video had over 1,7 million likes within several hours. There were more than 26,000 comments from fans who were amazed at Chicago's manner and disposition while playing with the snake.

Kim Kardashian shared the following video along with this caption.

"My brave girl Chicago 🐍."

Younger sister Khloe Kardashian responded in a similar manner to many of Kim's followers. Khloe Kardashian posted the following comment after Kim uploaded and shared the shocking video.

"She’s crazy! Look how she’s looking at his face. Omg 😮"

Kim's fans chimed in and offered their own comments expressing their shock and surprise about Chicago wearing the snake around her neck. Many fans agreed with Kim's initial remark that Chicago was indeed brave for the way she handled the snake.

Chicago looked adorable with her hair pulled up in two twisty-knots wrapped in red bows. They matched the red detail on her shirt as she looked intently at the snake.

There was another person in the video who also held a snake and she and Chicago put their snakes alongside one another. It remains unclear where the video was filmed.

Instagrammer Deh Alves left a shocking remark under Kim's post alluding to Jordyn Woods as being a snake.

Deh Alves responded with the following comment, "I didn't know Jordyn was back 😬."

What do you think about Kim Kardashian letting her 19-month-old daughter play with a snake while wearing it wrapped around her neck?

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