Brandon Jenner Says His Brother Brody ‘Confided’ In Him Amid His Split From Kaitlynn Carter

Brandon Jenner Says His Brother Brody ‘Confided’ In Him Amid His Split From Kaitlynn Carter
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It sounds like Brody Jenner can always count on his brother, Brandon to be there for him, even amid his split from Kaitlynn Carter. The big bro revealed that while it was all crumbling down and even after the separation when Kaitlynn moved on with Miley Cyrus, Brody really confided in him.

Earlier today, Kyle Sandilands from The Kyle and Jackie O Show asked Brandon, who was there to promote his new music career: ‘What did Brody say to you about his Mrs and Miley?’

The brother told the host that his younger brother did open up about the whole situation to him but Brandon was not willing to share it all with the world.

‘He did not say much to be honest. We did talk about it, but he confides in me and knows – one of the reasons that he confides in me is because he knows I am going to keep things private. So I will just continue to do that today, but you know, he did talk to me a bit about it.’

That’s great to hear! It turns out that not only can Brody tell his brother anything, he can also rely on him to keep the conversations only between the two of them.

Previously, Brody also asked people to stop dragging Kaitlynn over her romance with Miley, calling them out for the negativity thrown at his ex.

‘There is too much negativity directed at somebody who I love and care about very much. I feel the need to set this story straight. Kaitlynn and I have been fest friends for six years, and we continue to be. We, like many before us and many others after us, grew in different directions over those same six years. Kaitlynn's a wonderful person, beautiful and fun to be with. Always a positive force in my life,’ he wrote in a statement.


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