Kim Kardashian Explains Kanye West's Bi-Polar Disorder Amidst Recent Erratic Behavior

Kim Kardashian Explains Kanye West's Bi-Polar Disorder Amidst Recent Erratic Behavior
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Kim Kardashian decided that it's time to step up and address what's been going on with Kanye West . He has been posting all kinds of things on Twitter lately and she is finally speaking up.

Check out her post below.

A follower said: 'Been going through this with one of my parents my entire life.. until they want to get help it’s nothing you can do. It’s a sad and destructive disorder to them and everyone around them. We need to give him love. Not constant negative attention to fuel this episode.'

Someone else posted this message: 'For once this woman isn’t lying 🤥 his tweets rants come out middle of the night cuz he’s not getting any sleep. His rants are based on his fears and his ambitions all mixed in one with no clarity. Mental health is so real and if he doesn’t get involuntary help he will get worse before he gets better it’s so sad.'

One commenter wrote: 'And if anybody knows bi-polar people speak the truth and air out everything that’s bothering them when having an episode.. your just embarrassed Kim he aired everything out and threw y’all under the bus! Girl get!!'

Another person said: 'As a psychology graduate and someone who has witnessed it first hand, she’s telling the truth,' and one other follower posted this: 'If he would have never spoken on her and her children, she would have never spoken on him! Help him, Kim!'

Someone else said: 'Y’all need to stop blaming Kim for everything this man does. We all know after his mom died, he hasn’t been the same since. I hope he realizes he deserves more for himself and gets the help he needs.'

Kanye West was reportedly getting ready to run for the US President. He went  on with his plans  to run for the U.S. President.


Recently, Ye held his first presidential event in South Carolina on Sunday but had a breakdown that made everyone concerned about his state of mind .

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