Khloe Kardashian Is Not In A Rush To Give Her Baby Boy A Name

Khloe Kardashian Is Not In A Rush To Give Her Baby Boy A Name
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Khloé Kardashian, star of The Kardashians, is ecstatic that her and Tristan Thompson 's newborn boy is here, albeit she hasn't decided on a name now. Tristan and Khloé welcomed a boy on Friday.

A surrogate gave birth to the boy child. True Thompson, who is four years old, is also a member of the formerly on-again, off-again pair.

Many Kardashian fans were shocked to learn that the founder of Good American is having a second child with her husband. It turns out that a month before the presentation, Tristan had a child with fitness instructor Maralee Nichols.

The family's Hulu show explored the surrogacy scandal, Khloé's response, and its tragic aftermath. Following that embarrassing incident, it appeared that the two would only speak about co-parenting, and it was even claimed that Khloé didn't really care if Tristan skipped the birth of their baby. The turmoil seems to have subsided now that the baby boy has been born.

A spokesperson for Khloé told People on Sunday that the 38-year-old is "on cloud nine" following the birth of her newborn boy. The unidentified source stated, "She is incredibly pleased to be a mom again. Getting a sister for True has been such a journey." The source stressed the tv star's strong preference for a boy as well.

Kim Kardashian commented how terrible it was since her younger sister desired a brother for True so desperately after Tristan's paternity controversy was exposed on the Hulu show.

Despite being ecstatic about her new baby, Khloé, who split up with her billionaire boyfriend weeks ago, is taking her time naming the child. Khloé had not yet released a name, according to her representative.

"She is considering the name carefully. She wants everything to be perfect." Interestingly, Tristan was not mentioned in the source.


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