Kenya Moore Is Not Wearing Her Wedding Ring Anymore

Kenya Moore Is Not Wearing Her Wedding Ring Anymore
Credit: BET

Kenya Moore shared a new photo on her social media account, and fans are in awe. They tell her that she's spreading Beyonce vibes all over. Check it out below.

Someone said: 'Oh I like Kenya loads more than Beyonce. She has a lot of class that B doesn't.'

Another follower also said that it's not okay to compare Kenya and Bey: 'Stop comparing them!! Both beautiful Black Women w/class👌#jeaulousasshater.'

One follower posted: 'Sickening!!! The Queen has returned! We’ve missed you so!'

Fans also noticed that she's not wearing her wedding ring anymore.'

One other commenter posted this: 'Awe no more wedding ring. So sorry, Kenya. I was hoping you guys could make it work. It’s always sad to see a marriage dissolve.'

Someone else said: 'Stunning, been following your career since you won Miss USA so beautiful and talented.'

A fan wrote: 'It's good to see a famous Black Woman wear her Skin Proud.. No Bleach..No Blond lace fronts everyday..No Overly Manufactured Nose...And no need to Spit at or wish that another woman gets Assaulted by an Uber driver... Keep shining KM.'

A fan praised Kenya and wrote: 'You are gorgeous beyond gorgeous... I’m really sad your happily ever after didn’t happen but you will find someone to woo you bc you are such a beautiful soul ❤️❤️'

Kenya recently shared a photo on her social media account in which she is playing with her baby girl, Brooklyn Daly.

Kenya seems to be living her best life, despite the breakup from Marc Daly.

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  • Anon Houstonphonues
    Anon Houstonphonues Oct 22, 2019 5:43 PM PDT

    KenFakery everyday come on. Kenya does have a mental issue. How quickly people forget that she told Pheara and when she was flirting with Pheara's husband, Pheara told it and she was upset because she told her as a friend. Then when her dog died her assistant asked her did she take her medication. To which she replied no. No NeNe is jealous she just hates fake and a lair. Kenya came on show with a lie and than hollers Walter was gay because he didn't want to sleep with her. Then cast and others said she has a odor (which I thought was tacky). But than so was oh he is fine and playing up to someone's husband. Never had I saw that from the other women. Then the younger guy who said she would call him to come over cause a scene and the school scene would be aired not the part that she invited him over, it was a storyline. Kenya you were never married to Marc and it's going to come to light. Let's not forget how she acted a fool when NeNe could came back on the show over Cynthia like they were a couple. And even starting a rumor that Kim F. Husband was gay because she wasn't qualified enough to produce/direct Cynthia bootsy brand.Speaking on Cyndummy, what did NeNe do to her and Kandicrybaby for such a sneaky conniving move. Like I always say Kandicrybaby didn't come with clean hands in the Porsha matter, she was making out with Porsha and Shortman and her wanted a threesome, that's what started it all, but that was dropped from reunions and everything else. So NeNe go ahead and play detective because like you I don't think she was ever married. I think their actions when you were going thru with your husband was tacky. You see I watch my spouse go through and it's hard on them but my friends understood and had his back. Not NeNe friends. They were too busy whispering on tape. Four faced cows. Long text for a brunch of phonies

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