Kendall Jenner Spotted With Devin Booker Again - Romance Rumors Continue

Kendall Jenner Spotted With Devin Booker Again - Romance Rumors Continue
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As fans of Kendall Jenner know, her relationships, or lack thereof, are frequently the subject of media headlines. These days, it's been rumored repeatedly that she and Devin Booker are now dating, although, a recent report said that wasn't the case.

Hot New Hip Hop reported today that Kendall was, again, spotted hanging around the NBA player, Devin Booker. The outlet noted that this isn't the first time fans have seen them together either, although, neither party has stated if the dating rumors are true or not.

According to reports, during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kendall and Booker took off for a short vacation from LA to Arizona. It was just a quick road-trip to get away from their home city. This time, the pair was spotted out in LA.

Reports claim that Kendall was in the driver's seat, whereas Devin was in the passenger's side. Kendall clearly caught wind of the rumors, because she addressed them on the show, Keeping Up With The Kardashian s, the series that played a crucial role in her success.

During one episode, Kendall joked that it seemed like people believe she has no control over where she "throws" her "cooch." Putting her dating history aside, Kendall has been in the news media for other reasons lately, notably, her role in the Fyre Festival scam.

It was reported by several outlets that Jenner was ordered to pay $90,000 due to the Fyre Festival disaster, which was documented in the Netflix series, Fyre.

The documentary touched on the role of social media influencers in popular culture, particularly, for the way in which they often market services, products, and even events to people without any kind of vetting process or regulation.

And how this relates to Kendall, is that she was one of the fashion models who was paid to promote the festival on her Instagram. It was said in the documentary that Kendall actually included the hash-tag, "#ad," but never disclosed any other information.

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