Lisa Rinna And Model Daughter Delilah Belle Hamlin Slammed For Dancing Together In Sheer Dresses

Lisa Rinna And Model Daughter Delilah Belle Hamlin Slammed For Dancing Together In Sheer Dresses
Credit: Source: Lisa Rinna/Instagram

Lisa Rinna and her model daughter, Delilah Belle Hamlin danced together in a video where they both wore sheer dresses, but the video isn't getting the reaction they'd hoped for. While seeing a mother and daughter dance in a video may be pretty common, it was the matching outfits that Lisa and Delilah wore that is causing backlash across social media. The dresses are sheer and rather see-through and those who have seen the videos are leaving plenty of negative comments online. The dresses are from Cult Gaia and it isn't so much that the dresses aren't appropriate, but the fact it appears the mother and daughter aren't wearing much underneath.

Some called the mother and daughter dancing in the dresses "cringeworthy," "desperate," and "tragic." Others are saying that is an example of bad parenting to wear see-through dresses and dance with your daughter.

It's unclear if Lisa is going to keep the video up because it is drawing a slew of negative comments.

One person left the following remarks under the video.

"Pimping out your daughter. Sad😢"

The comment has more than 94 likes and over 85 replies.

Though many of Lisa's celebrity friends chimed in and praised the dances and the dresses, it was a different story from regular folk.

Many people praised Lisa's and Delilah's dance moves but they did say that it was odd to see a mother and daughter dancing in see-through dresses. Neither Lisa Rinna or Delilah Blue Hamlin have responded to any of the negative comments that are being posted on the video.

While the mother and daughter are being slammed for their see-through dresses, they are both being praised for the beauty and dance moves.

There's no question that Lisa Rinna is stunning and when you realize she turns 57-years-old in July her fabulous figure is even more impressive. Still, many people simply find the mother and daughter dancing together in sheer dresses distasteful.

What do you think about Lisa Rinna and Delilah Belle Hamlin dancing in their sheer dresses?

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