Kendall Jenner Admits That She's A 'Stoner' On New Podcast Appearance

Kendall Jenner Admits That She's A 'Stoner' On New Podcast Appearance
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Page Six says Kendall Jenner likes to smoke weed. During an episode of Sibling Rivalry with Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson, Kendall Jenner , 24, shared bluntly that she is a "stoner."

The star said succinctly on the podcast that no one knows that she likes to smoke weed because she has never admitted it publicly before. The news comes as a big surprise to many of her fans, no doubt, considering the Kar-Jenner clan presents themselves as being completely sober, at least on TV and in the public eye.

Reportedly, Kendall isn't the only member of the clan who likes to get involved with marijuana either. In 2019, Kim Kardashian admitted that she liked to used CBD products around the same time as her CBD-themed baby shower before her fourth child with Kanye West was welcomed into the world via surrogate.

During a conversation with her sister, Kourtney, for her lifestyle blog, Poosh, Kim claimed a lot of things changed for her when she started taking CBD oil. She said it "calms" her down by default.

The revelation comes at a good time considering recreational marijuana is now legal in the state of California. California is just one state in which marijuana has been legalized at least in small quantities.

In other news, Kendall was in the headlines after she said out loud that she thought Kourtney, the oldest among the sisters, was actually the worst parent . It all started when she appeared on The Late Late Show With James Corden.

Jenner explained how her brother, Rob, was actually the best parent because he was "so good" to his daughter. Kourtney later recalled how Kendall had commented on her parenting abilities on James Corden's show and she didn't like it. She says Kendall went up to her at a party and apologized for saying she was the worst parent because she never really meant it anyway.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians recently came to an end, and sources have claimed that all members of the family, including Kourtney, were getting tired of the demands of the show including the filming schedule and various obligations.

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