Porsha Williams Shares Important Advice About Change

Porsha Williams Shares Important Advice About Change
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Porsha Williams shared a piece of advice about change on her social media account. Check out her recent post below.

Someone said: 'Lol don't mind Kenya, I don't even know WHY she was brought back to the show. Keep doing what you are doing🙌🙌. GOD bless you and your family (PJ ❤)'

A follower posted this: 'Chile, Ken is just miserable and needs a storyline for someone to fight with. Keep doing you! ❤️'

A commenter wrote: 'Thank you for all you’ve been doing for the BLM movement. So proud of you, don’t let a miserable 50-year-old take away your shine ❤️' and one follower said: 'We love you Porsha, Kenya will forever be miserable, that woman has no compassion in her.'

Someone said: 'I respect Kenya for not faking it for the camera!'

Someone else posted this: 'The Woman said, you didn't support Eva and that she's always been an advocate. Girl twirl on!!!! Eva has always avoided for the LGBTQ Community not of BLM. Smh. Don't let her ignorance dim your light because you are a true inspiration to other Queens in our community. Being the Millennial (Lol) that you are, you are definitely an example for today's generation. Your growth has been amazing but apparently has heightened the jealousy in the insecure.'

A commenter said: 'Love you Porsha!!! It’s sad that Ken is using your great work for a story line.. since NeNe is gone she needs a new “beaf” to keep them checks coming.'

Someone else said: 'Hope you and Kenya just become friends for PJ and Brooklyn’s sake,' and someone else posted this: 'Porsha already dragged Kenya for being disrespectful🙄.'

A follower said: 'Ppl who want to fool others are the only kind of ppl that frolic in their misery but speak about changing. The hate and envy she has will always be there for you because of your amazing spirit and how you are genuine and loved. Demons hate positivity.'

You are probably aware of the fact that Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore ‘s friendship was very short-lived. The ladies are back at each other’s throats , and it turned into an argument on Instagram.

It all started when Kenya responded to a fan who questioned Porsha’s intentions of being a social activist with the eyes emojis.

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