Kelly Clarkson Describes Brandon Blackstock Divorce As 'Horribly Sad'

Kelly Clarkson Describes Brandon Blackstock Divorce As 'Horribly Sad'
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According to Kelly Clarkson , she's trying to keep her divorce from Brandon Blackstock as private as possible. More importantly, Clarkson is trying to keep people who shouldn't be involved, out of it, that way she can reduce the harm done to her kids, People Magazine reported today.

During a new conversation with journalists from Entertainment Tonight, the 38-year-old singer-songwriter claimed she loves being open and honest about her experiences but she is trying to keep the divorce more private.

It isn't about her, it's about her children and her ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock. Blackstock and Kelly have River Rose and Remington Alexander who are both under the age of 10. Moreover, Kelly is the stepmother of his children from another marriage.

Previously, Kelly addressed the fact she and Brandon had split up, saying how it was a tough thing to navigate because she's a public figure, however, at the end of the day, she is a "mama bear" and has to protect those closest to her.

The star went on to say that she cared way more about her children than anybody else. Kelly described her experiences in her divorce as "horribly sad," but she has to do what's necessary to protect her family so as to avoid a "domino effect" in her children's lives.

Additionally, Kelly shared that being a public figure always complicates relationships because people who shouldn't have an opinion on it often do. According to Kelly, a big part of the reason why she has always been open about her life is that she's from a small town where everybody knows everyone.

The star claimed in the interview that at the beginning of her career, labels and management teams didn't want anything to do with her because she was such an open book, however, she attributes her success to her vulnerability.

As it was previously reported, Brandon and Kelly split up earlier this year amid the quarantine lockdown. The star has spoken about it a few times over the past few months, however, for the most part, she hasn't said much.

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