Flight Rescheduled So Paula Abdul Could Attend Kelly Clarkson's Walk Of Fame Ceremony

Flight Rescheduled So Paula Abdul Could Attend Kelly Clarkson's Walk Of Fame Ceremony
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The 40-year-old daytime talk show presenter was honored on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and the original three judges from American Idol—Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul , and Randy Jackson—reunited to celebrate.

This is an incredible honor, and I couldn't be more thrilled to be here. In her remarks, Abdul, 60, praised Idol pioneer Kelly Clarkson , who won the competition 20 years ago. I rescheduled my flight to be here. Absolutely nothing could make me give it up. Kelly Not only has your life's course altered, but you've also contributed to altering the course of everyone's lives.

A short time into his statement, Cowell was interrupted by Abdul, who sang a few lines from "Opposites Attract" before praising Clarkson for her "talent, tenacity, grace, and dignity."

She joked that even having to sit next to a British guy on her left was worth it because of Clarkson, who she said made the entire first season worthwhile. Also, that great guy on my right.

Continued Abdul: Do you suppose someone will ever ask you, "Did you ever imagine you'd be part of a program that just transformed the world?" and mean it? It would be dishonest of me to say yes. But you prove it every day just by being you, and I'd be the one to corner her in the elevator and force myself to talk to her. Tell me more about your education and experience. You have the voice of an opera singer. However, I adore you.

Abdul expressed gratitude to Clarkson for altering the course of my life and making me believe in miracles the way a child believes in Santa Claus. young, brilliant people have a chance to succeed and even achieve great success. She finished by saying that she is excited to see what the next decade holds for Clarkson, whom she termed the loveliest person.

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