Katy Perry Says The Relative Commercial Flop Of 2017's Witness Impacted Her Mental Health

Katy Perry Says The Relative Commercial Flop Of 2017's Witness Impacted Her Mental Health
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Katy Perry released her record, Witness, in 2017, but it didn't perform as well as she and her record label hoped, Yahoo Music reported today. According to the outlet, her album didn't perform well commercially in comparison to some of her previous work, the result of which left her in a difficult position, mentally.

During a conversation with the outlet, Sunrise, Katy explained that "coming out of Witness, " was a tough time for her. She says she was very "upset and clinically depressed."  The result of her commercial failure ultimately led her down a much different path, the artist remarked.

She says that she had to come to realize just how much of her self-esteem was banking on the validation from others, either directly or indirectly from her career. The 35-year-old explained to the interviewer that she realized her career wasn't everything.

Her career as an artist is just part of who she is, it's not the sum total of her being. As a result of her epiphany, Katy says some of the most beautiful songs and music she ever created came to be, and she's tremendously grateful for the experience.

According to Yahoo Music, One Of The Boys, Teenage Dream, and Prism, all spawned several hit singles, but Witness failed to reach the same level of success and impact on not only the charts but also the general culture as well.

Currently, Perry is gearing up to release her next record, in August. It will be her sixth album. One single she released from the project was "Never Born White, " in which she also revealed her pregnancy in the music video.

At the moment, she and her man, Orlando Bloom, are gearing up to have their first baby together, a girl. The star said she has been learning how to become a good mother very fast in quarantine.

Bloom already has a child with another woman, Miranda Kerr. Their son is named Flynn, and he's 9-years-old. These days, Miranda Kerr is married to the Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegel.

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