Mindy Kaling Says Laundry Has Become The Most Exciting Part Of Her Day As She Deals With Coronavirus Lockdown

Mindy Kaling Says Laundry Has Become The Most Exciting Part Of Her Day As She Deals With Coronavirus Lockdown
Credit: Source: Mindy Kaling/Instagram

Mindy Kaling is one of the biggest players in Hollywood right now. As a writer, producer, and actress it seems there is nothing the mother of her two-year-old daughter Katherine can't do. With a new Netflix series based on her childhood Never Have I Ever in the top trends and the announcement she's on board to write the screenplay for Legally Blonde 3 , it seems Mindy has the world by a string. Maybe that's why a photo she shared with her 5.3 million Instagram followers made so many of her fans laugh.

Mindy shared a picture of herself in her laundry room, holding a large wicker basket filled with clothes and made the announcement that laundry has become the most exciting part of her day.

Many celebrities are getting their first real taste at what it's like to stay home with kids, do their own cleaning, and even homeschool their children. Some celebrities have spoken out about how difficult it is and they aren't hiding the fact they are struggling.

Mindy seems just the opposite. While everyone knows she's joking and finding humor in the situation, she's still looking great, smiling, and appearing at peace while staying home and taking care of little Katherine.

You may see Mindy's post that she shared below.

Mindy also made it clear that she's bored and a little lonely. Many people find that without a lot of adult interaction and spending day in and day out with little kids they can get a little stir crazy. Mindy has found a great way to unwind and even went down a slide and joked that she was "sliding" into people's DMs.

What do you think about Mindy Kaling's sense of humor and the way she is handling the Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown? Are you looking forward to Mindy's upcoming projects such as Legally Blonde 3 ? Are you watching Never Have I Ever during the lockdown?

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