50 Cent Thinks That Andrew Cuomo Would Be A Great President

50 Cent Thinks That Andrew Cuomo Would Be A Great President
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50 Cent, also known as Curtis Jackson, is a big supporter of Andrew Cuomo. In fact, 50 Cent endorsed the beloved politician for the presidency following one of the governor's latest coronavirus briefings, which also touched on the demonstrations following George Floyd's unjust death.

50 Cent posted on his Instagram that Andrew Cuomo was "this guy right here," before going on to say that even though Andrew didn't want to be the president of the United States, we all need him in the White House.

Many other prolific names supported the tweet, including Kid Capri and Jody Fortson. Not long after, commenters began arguing with each other in the feed of 50 Cent's social media.

Curtis Jackson, aka, 50 Cent, is known for being somewhat of a provocateur online. For instance, on the 20th of May, 2020, it was reported that the artist took to his social media to deny the responsibility of the purported assault of the Australian artist, Lushsux.

Lushsux has been painting murals all over the city in which he has superimposed 50 Cent's face over some of the biggest celebrities, including Mike Tyson, Post Malone, Donald Trump, and more. On his account, Curtis Jackson denied responsibility, stating that he had nothing to do with the beating.

Lushsux took to his Instagram account to say that after he began painting murals all over his city, other people in the area laid a beating on him, so much so that he even had to go to the hospital for treatment. Initially, 50 Cent said that whoever was making the murals needed a "beating."

Some fans believe that Lushsux used the controversy to his advantage. In other words, after 50 Cent posted about it on his social media, commenters alleged that Lushsux claimed to be the victim of assault to get further attention on his account.

Additionally, 50 Cent has been in the news lately for his relationship, or lack thereof, with Tekashi 6ix9ine. In recent news, 50 Cent was asked if he would work with Daniel Hernandez and he said he wouldn't.

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