DaBaby Shares Message Attacking Clout-Chasers Amid Protests - Says The Whole System Needs To Be Replaced

DaBaby Shares Message Attacking Clout-Chasers Amid Protests - Says The Whole System Needs To Be Replaced
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Since the protests began erupting across the United States, the rapper, DaBaby, has remained relatively silent on the matter. However, today, the Kirk artist addressed the controversy on his social media following the death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police.

According to DaBaby, the vast majority of people who are addressing the controversy online are merely doing so to get likes and comments, in addition to respect from their peers. In other words, the rapper says they're doing it to merely "save face."

Ever since George Floyd's death was revealed, many celebrities and performing artists have been using their massive platforms to talk about injustice, spread awareness, and also share petitions and other campaigns to combat police brutality.

DaBaby has chosen not to say anything about it, until now. You can check out just one of his tweets below:

According to DaBaby, he normally likes to wait for the hype to end and blow over before he finally decides to comment on such incidents.

Amid his messages, DaBaby touched on a number of issues, including the idea that this sort of tragedy has been going on in the United States for years, and also the fact that he has been a victim of it. The rapper slammed those among us who haven't experienced it.

The death of George Floyd has certainly come at a difficult time in the United States, considering most American states have just begun reopening after the coronavirus pandemic began sweeping across the nation.

Earlier today, the president of the United States, Donald Trump, took to his Twitter to say that he and his administration were going to designate the group, Antifa, as a domestic terrorism group, after the Attorney General, William Barr, said they should be treated as such.

The president and DaBaby's comments come not long after looting and vandalism has erupted across the United States, amid peaceful protests as well, where many individuals are merely voicing their concern, rather than causing damage to private property.

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