Katy Perry Defends Her Response To Ellen DeGeneres' Workplace Scandal - Again

Katy Perry Defends Her Response To Ellen DeGeneres' Workplace Scandal - Again
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Movie Web picked up on an interview with Katy Perry this week in which she defended her tweets regarding Ellen DeGeneres' workplace controversy.

Ellen has been under serious pressure ever since former employees complained of a toxic working environment on her eponymous show. While much of the complaints have been lodged against Ellen's top executives, others have argued the host was "personally responsible."

Even though she has come under fire, Ellen obviously has friends in high places, including celebrities like Katy Perry and Kevin Hart. Katy defended Ellen publicly on her Twitter account, which garnered considerable criticism, with many arguing she was invalidating the experiences of employees.

During a chat with reporters from the Los Angeles Times, Perry said her tweets weren't meant to brush aside the pain of Ellen's staffers.

According to Movie Web, the controversy surrounding her television show first started at the beginning of the year when employees complained of being laid off without pay amid the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent shutdown.

Afterward, the host came under fire again for the behavior of some of her subordinates. WarnerMedia then launched an investigation to get to the bottom of the scandal.

Regarding Katy's tweet, social media users were unhappy with the fact Katy had compared her experiences, as a celebrity guest, to those who work as subordinates and employees.

Ellen, on the other hand, released a statement in which she explained how her show had grown "exponentially" and through the delegation of important tasks, it became impossible to manage everyone within the organization.

As it was just noted, other celebrities came to bat for Ellen as well, including Kevin Hart, who was spotted having lunch with the 62-year-old television show host this weekend.


Earlier this month, Kevin commented on the cancel culture phenomenon, explaining how it appears as if people have begun to hope for the downfall of others. He also described the internet as a "crazy world of negativity." Hart went on to hope that canceling celebrities and others would "go out of style soon."

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