Kandi Burruss Reveals What She Would Tell To Her Younger Self If She Could Go Back In Time

Kandi Burruss Reveals What She Would Tell To Her Younger Self If She Could Go Back In Time
Credit: BET

Kandi Burruss has an interesting question for her fans. She justed asked them what would they do if they could go back in time and met their younger selves - what they would ask. She shared a clip which is filled with photos since she was little, and fans cannot get enough of her.

Kandi had recently made fans excited when she revealed she was part of a film called Same Difference .

Here's Kandi clip that she shared with her followers on social media:

'What would you tell your younger self if you could go back in time? ....#TBT' Kandi captioned her post.

Tiny Harris' daughter, Zonnique Pullins said  'I’m really dying at the fact that you look exactly the same till this day 😍.'

Another commenter posted, 'I would tell myself to focus more on what truly matters... what would you say?'

Here's Kandi answer: '@naenaemartinez_ i don’t know. There’s so much I would say.... I went thru a lot in my younger years but I wouldn’t change it because it made me who I am now. So I probably would just say keep going. It will get greater later!'

A fan wrote, '@kandi I would tell my younger self there are no limits to what you can do and fear is only as great as you allow it to be. I’m sometimes afraid of stepping out on faith.'

Someone else would say the following words: 'Keep your virginity until 22ish avoid a few I will list and leave hone at 17 live you're dream don't take no for an answer you have no one but you. Never trust anyone - take care of you. Keep the body tight and throw things away you don't need people included. Good people just stepped on just be respectful. You don't owe anyone anything. Travel, save and invest.'

What would YOU say to yourself if you were to go back in time?


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