Kandi Burruss Announces She Was Part Of A Film Called 'Same Difference' - The Screening Is Tomorrow

Kandi Burruss Announces She Was Part Of A Film Called 'Same Difference' - The Screening Is Tomorrow
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Kandi Burruss had a really exciting announcement for her fans, which she shared on social media. She hasn't said anything about this so far, and her fans figured that it might have been a surprise.

Here's the announcement that she posted on her IG account below.

'My friend @datariturner gave me the opportunity to be a part of a film he produced called #SameDifference. This film tackles a very important subject matter. Mental Health. I'm happy to be a part of it. Same Difference premieres this Friday at the @americanblackfilmfestival. Thank you to the incredible cast and crew who cared enough about bringing awareness to this subject matter to want to shed more light on it,' Kandi revealed on her IG.

People are gushing over Kandi in the comments section, and they're calling her an inspiration for everything that she's been doing.

Somoene said, 'Gurl.. you’re a phenomenal WOMAN.. GOD IS BLESSING YOU.. AND DON’T FORGET HIM. 🙏❤️.. so proud of you❤️'

One person praised Kandi and said: 'You are great and passionate about everything you do. It’s going to be amazing!'

A fan exclaimed: 'Dope! He was in a couple of Xscape's videos back in the day. Hell, he was in everybody's videos. Lol.'

Someone told Kandi: 'Ah, And then you do something that makes me fall totally back in infatuation with ya....lol. You bringing awareness of mental health is so powerful for the change in the culture. I counsel clients dealing with empty nest syndrome, post partum, divorce, heroin addiction, divorce, marriage counseling, retirement. Mental health care is happy to have some high profile awareness. Taking care of your mental wellbeing as much as your physical wellbeing. Thanks for shouting out and opening up a convo! #atlantawomenrwempowering.'

Just recently, Kandi showed her gratitude to people who have been supporting her in regards to RHOA TV series.

She made sure to thank all the people from all over the world who voted for her at the RHOA category – Reality TV Awards.

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