Porsha Williams Shows Baby Pilar Jhena With Ponytails In The Sweetest Video

Porsha Williams Shows Baby Pilar Jhena With Ponytails In The Sweetest Video
Credit: BET

Porsha Williams cannot get enough of her baby girl, and you already know that her fans feel the same. She keeps updating fans with what baby PJ has been doing lately both on her account and also on the IG account that she created for baby PJ.

In the latest video, Porsha is showing off Pilar's new ponytails, and this is probably the cutest thing you'll see today.

In the video, Porsha is seen holding her daughter, whose hair is the cutest.

'You like your ponytails? Hmm?' Porsha asked baby PJ in the video.

'Aw, P. You like your ponytails?' Porsha asked and then added, 'Yes girl… You better work it honey, work them ponytails, PJ. Ooh, PJ got ponytails.'

Fans were melting after seeing this cute video, and they made sure to praise baby PJ all over the comments section.

Just like before, people said that PJ definitely looks just like her dad, Dennis McKinley.

Somoene commented, 'She is so stinking cute, and I think she looks just like both of y'all together in one.'

Another fan said that 'Every time I see PJ I think of Dennis with the Snapchat baby filter lol 😍😂'

Speaking of Dennis, Porsha most likely didn’t have the best time of her life these days, not since the cheating allegations began surrounding him.

It's even been reported that Porsha broke off the engagement after she allegedly found some texts on his phone which were not supposed to be there.

The truth is that in her latest pics on social media, she doesn’t seem to be wearing her engagement ring anymore.

Porsha remained quiet on the subject so far. The only news she revealed is that she's working on a surprise together with her mom.


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