Kamala Harris Praises Joe Biden's 'Audacious' Choice For His Running Mate - A Woman Of Color!

Kamala Harris Praises Joe Biden's 'Audacious' Choice For His Running Mate - A Woman Of Color!
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Kamala Harris and Joe Biden are running mates in the presidential bid that is just around the corner and they opened up about their plans to work on more diversity after Kamala’s historical run for vice president. As you might know, she is the first black woman and person of Indian descent getting to be in this position.

After accepting their nominalizations in representing the Democratic party in the presidential campaign, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden gave their first joint interview since.

While they had some ideological differences while running against each other in the primary elections, it appears that they have both put those differences behind them with the common goal of taking Donald Trump down.

Among other things, Kamala expressed appreciation for Joe’s bold choice for VP – a woman of color.

As part of a 20/20 interview, the running mates chatted with David Muir and Robin Roberts, Kamala Harris telling the hosts that: ‘You know, we talk about what it means to be progressive. Joe really walks the talk. I'll remind everyone that Joe was one of the first Democrats to speak out in terms of LGBTQ rights and equality. He just did it. Joe, selecting a woman of color to be his vice president, what an audacious move, the audacity of Joe Biden, to actually just make that decision and then follow through on it?’

But did he feel pressured to choose a Black woman?

To this question, Joe Biden insisted that it was not pressure that he felt but that he did it out of desire to make government more representative.

‘What I do think is that the government should look like the people, look like the country, and 51 percent of the people in this country are women. In order to be able to succeed, you have to be dealt in across the board. I can't understand and appreciate fully what it means to walk in her shoes, to be an African-American woman, with an Indian-American background, the child of immigrants.’

He went on to say the same about her and finally mention that what they do know is that they have the same values.

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