Kaitlynn Carter Shares Her Feelings On Filming 'The Hills' With Ex Brody Jenner

Kaitlynn Carter Shares Her Feelings On Filming 'The Hills' With Ex Brody Jenner
Credit: Source: etonline.com

During a new interview, Kaitlynn Carter discussed shooting The Hills and when that will be resuming amid the pandemic, as well as her relationship status with her ex, Brody Jenner and more! Here’s what the reality TV star had to say!

As you may know, the production on The Hills: New Beginnings got shut down due to the COVID-19 social distancing regulations and fans have been waiting for updates on when the show will be resuming filming.

Now, while talking to Hollywoodlife, Kaitlynn gave an update, sharing that the show’s audience has a lot to look forward to.

‘We filmed for about three weeks and then LA went into lockdown which was back in March. [But] we’re going to begin filming again in two weeks, so we’re going back,’ she told the news outlet.

Kaitlynn Carter is set to come back to The Hills as a full-time member of the cast and she revealed what kinds of preventing measures have been put in place to protect that cast and crew from getting and spreading COVID-19.

‘We’re going to be required to do a bunch of training in advance and have regular testing, I think daily actually. But everyone’s ready to get back to work and make a good show so I’m excited.’

Finally, another thing fans have been dying to know is her relationship status with former husband, Brody Jenner, especially since he’s one of her co-stars on The View.


‘You know, one thing that’s always been really strong in mine and Brody’s relationship is our friendship, and I feel like we actually transitioned very smoothly from a couple. I mean, obviously, everything’s not always perfect but when it came to working we actually were having a lot of fun. So I’m looking forward to continuing to, he’s like one of my best friends, you know? So it’s really easy and it’s actually really nice,’ Kaitlynn told the news outlet.


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