LisaRaye McCoy Joins The Long List Of Celebs Who Have Created An OnlyFans Account

LisaRaye McCoy Joins The Long List Of Celebs Who Have Created An OnlyFans Account
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OnlyFans has exploded in popularity this year amid the coronavirus pandemic, which led to many people staying in their homes. The United States government, particularly, state governments, imposed strict regulations on American citizens demanding them to stay in their houses to fight off COVID-19.

The result of this was a massive increase in internet traffic and interest in the idea of working from home. Consequentially, OnlyFans became a huge point of interest and many stars and celebrities began using the account to promote their work, much of which is X-rated.

As most know, stars such as Cardi B and more have begun using the platform to make money, considering concert festivals and other income streams have been put on hold for the foreseeable future. Hot New Hip Hop said today LisaRaye McCoy is just another actress to join the platform.

McCoy took to her social media account just a few weeks back to say she was going to give back to the people who have supported her, however, it's not clear what this would entail. Hot New Hip Hop says she recently dropped her price scheme, charging $20 per month, $54 for three months, and then $102 for six months.

McCoy reportedly hasn't posted anything on the account yet, but she'll likely be in the headlines once the content has been created and uploaded. As it was noted above, McCoy isn't the only star to begin using OnlyFans.

Perhaps most controversially, Bella Thorne created an OnlyFans account and bragged to the Los Angeles Times about she had made over $2 million in just 48 hours . Later, she was put on blast by social media users who said they were scammed out of their money and led to believe she would be posting explicit material.


One fan said they were one of the "fools" who were duped into signing up, only to discover that much of her posts were just re-hashed from her Instagram, and there was never really any nudity. Bella later had to come out and apologize.

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