Justin Bieber Teams Up With Crocs For Creation Of His Own Signature Model

Justin Bieber Teams Up With Crocs For Creation Of His Own Signature Model
Credit: Source: TheWowStyle.com

Justin Bieber has a new business partner, Hot New Hip Hop reported today. The outlet says that J-Biebs recently revealed he would be working with Crocs for a brand new product, and the news of their partnership caused the stock of the brand to jump a whopping 11%.

Not long after he teased the new pair of shoes on his IG page, Bieber revealed even more of the new design which reportedly revolves around his Drew House label. From what can be seen by his IG post, the Croc is a yellow color and it comes with different charms including things like pizza slices, teddy bears, and rainbows.

Even though the shoe wasn't actually a Croc, Bieber reportedly confirmed the design was real. Bieber said in his post that he has been wearing Crocs for forever, and he now has his own design. While one might assume the shoes will go for a premium price, Hot New Hip Hop says they'll cost just $54.99.

Reportedly, Crocs has already worked with another performing artist, Post Malone , as well as Bad Bunny. It's clear Crocs is doing everything in their power to reach a wider audience.

Music fans know 2020 has been the year of celebrity endorsements. Earlier this year, it was reported that Travis Scott was partnering with McDonald's for a batch of merchandise as well as a new hamburger.

It was reported by several outlets that the Travis Scott hamburger generated so much buzz and hype for McDonald's that a few of their locations ran out of key ingredients, despite the fact many of the older McDonald's employees have no idea who Travis Scott is.

Some celebrities have taken issue with the endorsement, however, including Alexis Skyy from Love and Hip Hop , who took to her IG account to say she tried the burger and felt like she needed to throw up after.

NLE Choppa - who recently announced he was going to move toward a plant-based diet - urged his fans and followers to opt for healthier foods instead.

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