Korean Artist MLMA And Post Malone May Be In A Relationship

Korean Artist MLMA And Post Malone May Be In A Relationship
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Even though Post Malone has managed to keep his personal life out of the headlines for the most part, new reports claim he may have a girlfriend. Reportedly, Post Malone and the Korean artist, MLMA, have been sharing photos on Instagram this week in which they look really comfortable together.

It appears they are in a relationship.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, MLMA is an acronym that stands for "Me Love Me A Lot," and she's a visual artist, designer, and a rapper. Born in Korea, Seoul, the star hasn't revealed much of her identity online including her real name or her age.

In the past, however, she has claimed she grew up without much money, and for that reason, she made barbie dolls out of toilet paper. MLMA has proven to be an interesting figure, regardless. With over a million followers on her Instagram account, she poses all kinds of unique artwork.

As it was noted above, Post Malone almost never discloses any information about his personal and romantic life. However, during a new interview on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, the singer-songwriter did reveal he's currently living in Utah.

The performing artist said he loved the mountains even more than the beach. Joe Rogan and Post Malone spoke for nearly four hours on aliens, conspiracy theories, ghosts, insects, dinosaurs, and more.

Earlier this year, Post Malone was in the headlines again regarding a new entrepreneurial project. The artist dropped a brand new bottle of rosé, Maison No. 9, and the artist said it was a great wine and everyone was going to love it.

Reports claim it sold out in just a few hours, and it generated so much traffic that the website on which it was sold crashed. In past interviews, Post explained how proud he was to be creating a product that would support his family for decades.

Regarding his Joe Rogan Experience appearence, Rogan dropped a social media post earlier this week in which he praised the singer-songwriter as one of "coolest motherf*ckers" he had ever talked too.

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