Jordyn Woods Drops Her Clothes For Valentine's Day And Fans Say She's Doing Too Much

Jordyn Woods Drops Her Clothes For Valentine's Day And Fans Say She's Doing Too Much
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Jordyn Woods shocked her fans with a photo that she shared on her social media account for Valentine's Day. In the pic, you san see Jordyn in a bathtub obviously without any clothes on.

While a lot of people praised her, many followers said that she's doing too much at this point, and she should give it a break with these racy pics.

Someone commented: 'She looks uncomfortable AF! This is NOT who you are baby girl!' and another follower said: 'She keeps Doing the most since she split with Kylie.'

One other follower said: 'Why is everybody’s taking professional pictures of themselves for Valentine’s Day?' and someone else posted this: 'This is why everyone is single these days. Everyone does sh*t for free on the gram.'

A commenter wrote: 'Jordyn tryna get chosen so bad, we get it my girl, you’re pretty 👌🏽' and one other follower said: 'If I was Tristan Thompson, I would’ve risked it all also.'

Someone else also mentioned Tristan and said: 'It’s taking everything in Tristan’s body not to double-tap 😂'

Other than this, Jordyn has ben definitely living her best life these days and she's also involved in all kinds of exciting projects.

Not to mention the fact that not too long ago, she just announced her very first Forbes interview .

Of course, she could not be any prouder, and she has every reason to feel like this.

‘OMGGG MY FIRST FORBES INTERVIEW 🖤 @forbes @forbeswomen @pauleannareid,’ Jordyn captioned her post.

Fans praised Jordyn in the comments, and they told her that they could not be prouder of what she managed to accomplish so far.

People say that ever since she left the Kardashians behind, she managed to have a great life, and she flourished overall. Her fans say that Kylie Jenner was just keeping her from blooming.

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