Jordyn Woods Announces Her First Forbes Interview

Jordyn Woods Announces Her First Forbes Interview
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Jordyn Woods made her fans happy and proud once again. Apart from all the exciting projects that she's been involved in so far, she just announced her very first Forbes interview.

Of course, she could not be any prouder, and she has every reason to feel like this.

'OMGGG MY FIRST FORBES INTERVIEW 🖤 @forbes @forbeswomen @pauleannareid,' Jordyn captioned her post.

A follower told her: 'If your friendship never ended with kylie, you would never have been Jordy, you always have been kylie's friend. Things happen for a reason. Congrats ❤️'

Someone else said: 'I loved your performance on the Masked Singer. You killed it, girl,' and another follower posted this: 'I think it's her because Jordyn's brother is 21 that's john woods iii and Jordyn is 22 and john said in the clip that he is one year younger than his sister... and the angel in the clip stands for the death of her dad he is in heaven also Jordyn was the one who held the family together after the death of her dad

A fan praised her and said: 'You are just gorgeous and so inspirational! Keep doing BIG things!' and one other follower posted: 'You're amazing. Your life has changed so much in the last years. I couldn’t be happier for you.'

One diehard fans praised Jordyn and said: 'A woman who made it through all the bad comments and misjudgments is a woman who deserves a lot. I'm proud of the woman you've become, I'm no longer seeing the face of a woman who was always under the shadow of someone else. Now you decided to take control of your life, follow your path and make history for you and your family. Never be afraid of letting people who don't worth it go. You will never know how lonely and surrounded by the wrong people you were until you leave the zone of comfort, leave that people and you recover your glow, and you shine on your own. Never let anyone steal your glow. I'm happy for you @jordynwoods and I send you all my love and support from Costa Rica. Keep doing what you love and never look back.'

Jordyn has been involved in a lot of projects and she even dropped her very own fitness line. She's been promoting a healthy lifestyle and tons of exercising at the gym .

She also has various collabs with hair and lashes brands.

Overall, Jordyn is definitely living her best life these days, not to mention securing the bag.

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