Kenya Moore And Marc Daly's Daughter Had A Very Special Valentine's Day, According To These Sweet Photos

Kenya Moore And Marc Daly's Daughter Had A Very Special Valentine's Day, According To These Sweet Photos
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Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore sure knows how to melt hearts.

The businesswoman took to Instagram, where she shared a few adorable photos of her baby daughter, Brooklyn, who was celebrating Valentine's Day with her father, Marc Daly.

Brooklyn looked cute as a button in a red and white outfit that featured a sweet bow tie and suspenders.

Kenya explained that she did not spend Valentine's Day with Marc, but he did treat their daughter on a special trip to California.

She revealed: "Happy Valentine’s Day from the Dalys. Mommy is on set working, and @thebrooklyndaly is enjoying our Valentine’s Day present From Daddy! Be blessed.❤️"

One fan said this: "This pic looks like Kenya😍, although she is her dad's twin!!! ❤️ Happy Vday, beautiful people."

This backer shared: "She is such a happy baby 💗 Adorable.. she has a tan too, where y’all at?"

Another person stated: "Happy Valentine's Day, Brookie 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞 Can't wait to see you and your Mommy Sunday on RHOA."

In a recent interview, Kenya spoke about her divorce and said: "I survived, and I'm stronger for it. At the end of the day, this is my legacy for my daughter, and I just want her to be able to be proud of her mom. I'm a CEO, mom. I have a very successful … hair care company and, one day, she might have to take over that business. So, I want her to see, and my mom was a real boss."

She also showered Porsha Williams with praises: "I think that just brought us closer, and I would love for our stories to end up in a happy place and that we can navigate ourselves into a better place and be happy. We just have a really honest relationship, because it's primarily off-camera. So, when we are talking about our relationship or our children, it’s not on camera. And so, to me, that's more precious, that means it's genuine and that it's real, and so we just share a lot of intimate things with each other."

She took the opportunity to bash some of her co-stars who are often dragging her: "Why do they never give me a pass? They give it to everyone else, but they never give me a pass, and they always look to make me look bad, or make me look like a villain, and my heart is always in the right place. It might be misguided sometimes, or might get caught up in a situation, like a proposal, but come on! That is my friend, you know? And even though I might be going through tough times in my own life, it has nothing to do with my friendships. So, yeah, I would want to know that."

Kenya seems to know what she is doing.

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