Jessica Simpson's Daughter Birdie Is Her Twin As Singer Stuns In New Photos

Jessica Simpson's Daughter Birdie Is Her Twin As Singer Stuns In New Photos
Credit: Source: Karan Mitchell MUA/Instagram

Jessica Simpson is on the most popular celebrity moms on social media and she is always sharing wonderful photos of her three children with her 4.9 million Instagram followers. In one of her latest photos of her daughter Birdie Mae Johnson, the mother and daughter look like twins. Little Birdie has inherited her mother's famous dimples and the picture of the pair went viral.

Jessica's fans love her candidness and humor and she easily shuts down any troll who dares start trouble in her comments section. At 39-years-old, Jessica has turned heads once again and silenced her haters after losing a whopping 100 pounds from her third pregnancy in six months. Jessica is getting back to work and her fans can't wait to see what she has in store.

The Dukes of Hazzard star has taken a break from movies and television while she focuses on her children and fashion line, but she has a book scheduled to hit the shelves in February 2020.

Jessica called Birdie her "Dimple Double" and her followers agreed. Both Jessica and Birdie wore printed hoodies that made the two look even more alike. The most striking difference; however, between Jessica and Birdie is their eye color. Jessica has brown eyes and Birdie's are a bright blue. Birdie is still young, so there is a chance her eyes may darken up.

Other than that, the mother and daughter look near identical.

You may see the sweet photo that Jessica Simpson shared with her fans and followers below.

Jessica went viral last month after she displayed her new figure and amazing weight loss. Fans were surprised at how quickly she lost the weight and got back in shape. Jessica used to be a Weight Watchers representative, but she revealed that it was through hard work with her trainer Harley Pasternak that helped her shed the 100 pounds and get back in shape.

You may see a beautiful photo of Jessica that celebrity makeup artist Karan Mitchell shared below.

What do you think about Jessica Simpson and her daughter Birdie Mae Johnson? Do you think they look nearly identical?

Were you surprised at how quickly Jessica lost 100 pounds?


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