Jessica Simpson Reveals She Doesn't Even Own A Scale Anymore After Years Of Body-Shaming

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Is Jessica Simpson Pregnant With Baby Number Four?

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Jessica Simpson Says She Wouldn't Post Pics After Welcoming Baby Birdie - Here's Why!

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Jessica Simpson Lost 100 Pounds After Giving Birth, Here's How She's Kept It Off

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Jessica Simpson Shares Makeup-Free Selfie But People Are Talking About Her 'Illuminati' Necklace

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Jessica Simpson Shares Sweet Family Photos And You Won't Believe What Birdie Mae Looks Like Now!

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Is Jessica Simpson Releasing A New Album?

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Jessica Simpson Drops Pants Requirement For Bodysuit Photo From Quarantine Date

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Jessica Simpson Models Her New Fall Collection — Cropped Hoodie And Gorgeous Boots!

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Jessica Simpson Reveals She Confronted The Woman Who Would Abuse Her As Children Years Later And Why!

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