Jordyn Woods Shares Jaw-Dropping New Pics And Fans Praise Her Figure

Jordyn Woods Shares Jaw-Dropping New Pics And Fans Praise Her Figure
Credit: BET

Jordyn Woods impressed her fans with some new pics that she shared recently on her social media account. She's not wearing too much in the photos, and fans are praising her hourglass figure and toned thighs.

Someone joked: 'My Self Esteem just went in the TOILET, thanks, Jordyn! Lol 😱😍' and another follower said: 'Excuse me ma’am do you mind taking your foot off my neck? thank you! 😭❤️'

One other commenter said: 'People would lose they mind if u turn around 🤣🤣'

Someone also addressed a video in which Jordyn was showing off her toned abs and said: 'Girl you can do it bc you have all the time and no real career 😩 some of us are real working folk with real priorities 😩.'

An Instagrammer brought up Tristan Thompson: 'If I was @realtristan13 I would have taken that chance too ... goddamn !!! 🔥'

Speaking of Tristan, it's been recently reported that the man has been making some moves for a while now in order to get back together with Khloe Kardashian.

Tristan has been spotted commenting on her pics on social media, and more insiders said that these two are talking again, and they are on good terms.

It's been also revealed that Khloe’s fans are freaking out at the thought that she might decide to get back with him once again.

Some insiders have said that this is a pretty plausible move, and Khloe would reportedly do it for the sake of their baby girl, True.

Anyway, back to Jordy. She has also created a YouTube channel on which she shared various videos on multiple themes and her fans are here for this.


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