Jessica Simpson Drops Pants Requirement For Bodysuit Photo From Quarantine Date

Jessica Simpson Drops Pants Requirement For Bodysuit Photo From Quarantine Date
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Jessica Simpson is setting the Internet on fire with her latest photo that was uploaded to Instagram Tuesday. The caption did a lot of work matching the whole mood.

At 40, the mother of three knows how to command attention, especially after losing about 100 lbs. The picture made reference to life in quarantine.

The businesswoman wrote, "Pandemic date nights look a little different these days. No pants required 😜." In the image, Jessica is wearing a black bodysuit with her legs crossed.

The look also featured a pair of zebra heels. It is easy to see why the photo was such a hit with her followers.

One of them that said Jessica has never looked so good, and she should keep up the great work. The comment read: "💙I never ever seen you look as good as this!!! You were always the most beautiful celebrity BUT NOW YOU SMOKE IT EVEN FURTHER!👍."

A second commenter made a joke about Jessica's past as a reality TV star: "Also funny story... one of the kids I watch came out of the kitchen with a package of “chicken of the sea” and he was like, “I thought this was tuna!” 😂."

A third follower added: "Damm Jessica !! You look Amazing !! I think you looking better as we age !! Your are 1 of a KIND !! Whatever you are doing ?? ITS FOR SURE WORKING MY DEAR !!!!!"

A fourth person chimed in: "Do zebra pumps ever go out of style ?! I have a pair of yours, and I’m always worried if it’s no longer in."

Jessica's trainer, Harley Pasternak, recently revealed: "The difference between this and the other times was that she worked out, yes, but her transformation was more about what she did on her own time."

The trainer continued: "She was so motivated and positive. She was saying that her body has not belonged to her for the past decade. Not in a bad way, in a positive way — her body has been designated to create life, and now it's hers again, and she's going to make it fantastic in a really enjoyable way."

It is clear that Jessica has come a long way, but she has been able to reinvent herself in a more meaningful way, compared to some of the other artists from the same era.

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