Jennifer Lopez Under Fire For Supposedly Referring To Herself As A 'Black Girl From The Bronx' In New Song

Jennifer Lopez Under Fire For Supposedly Referring To Herself As A 'Black Girl From The Bronx' In New Song
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Jennifer Lopez released a new song last month, but many of her fans aren't happy about it due to a particular section of the song's lyrics. Hot New Hip Hop picked up on some of the social media vitriol this week in which fans were putting J-Lo on blast.

Fans of the performing artist know she has been criticized before for her song lyrics, including for the use of the "n-word" back in 2001 on her song with Ja Rule, "I'm Real." In case you missed it, it was previously reported that Maluma and Jennifer Lopez were going to release a new song together.

And this past month, they dropped "Lonely," and it didn't take long for fans of the duo to start combing through the lyrics, looking for something incriminating. One of the lyrics that sparked the ire of social media users was the bar, "Siempre seras tu negrita del Bronx."

Hot New Hip Hop claims the lyric means that she was always going to be your "black girl from the Bronx." Of course, fans took issue with the lyric because Jennifer Lopez isn't really black. However, other fans rushed in to say "negrita" meant a few other things in different cultures, especially in certain contexts.

Jennifer hasn't responded to the backlash, but fans have since been discussing it on social media, and whether she had the right to refer to herself in that way. In case you don't know, the idea of "cultural appropriation" has become a trending topic over the last few years.

As it was previously reported, Jennifer Lopez and Maluma dropped their song earlier this year. Maluma and J-Lo worked on two different songs together, including "Pa Ti" and "Lonely." J-Lo and Maluma teamed up in the creation of the new project as part of a new film.

Christian Burton reported last month that the music video for the two songs was very risqué and featured images of them getting hot and heavy . Additionally, there is a scene in which Jennifer Lopez appears to almost kiss Maluma, despite the fact she's currently engaged to Alex Rodriguez.

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