Lil' Yachty Claims He Got A 'Seven-Figure Check' For Writing City Girls' Act Up

Lil' Yachty Claims He Got A 'Seven-Figure Check' For Writing City Girls' Act Up
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On his Instagram Live account this week, Lil' Yachty , revealed that he was paid handsomely for a ghost-writing job. Hip-hop fans know Jay-Z once said in the past that for the right price, a ghostwriter could manage to make anything sound a lot better, and that appears to have been the case for Lil' Yachty.

Reportedly, Lil Yachty 's songwriting abilities landed him a small fortune in the recent past. Hot New Hip Hop picked up on an Instagram Live session from the performing artist this week in which he addressed the fact he had helped write the City Girls song, "Act Up."

Rather than applauding the rapper for his abilities as a songwriter, however, Lil' Yachty took heat on social media. Lil' Yachty said to the commenter who put him on blast that he was paid "8 figures" for his work on the track.

He added, "I'm sorry, 7," but the money is reportedly still coming in. The rapper went on to claim the people who are criticizing him are so "close-minded" and most of them have never even seen real money before either.

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As it was previously reported, in April 2019, Yachty announced he had worked on the track with one of his Quality Control labelmates. At the time, he and Kerwin Frost were working on a beat together, and Frost told him to help City Girls create the song.

Lil' Yachty says he wrote nearly the entire track, with the exception of JT's last verse. He added that he knows what women want to hear in a song, so he just went into the studio and started saying the most "raunchy s**t."

The rapper joked that he finished the track and said afterward "no homo," because all of his friends were in the same room. Music fans know ghostwriting is a huge part of the industry, however, there are many misconceptions surrounding the idea and practice.


Artists typically join the songwriting talents of one artist with the musical abilities of another, simply because a singer might not be the best songwriter but a songwriter might not be the best performer.

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