Jennifer Lopez Reveals She Almost Considered Becoming A Stripper Before Singing Career

Jennifer Lopez Reveals She Almost Considered Becoming A Stripper Before Singing Career
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During a conversation with W Magazine, the singer-songwriter, Jennifer Lopez, revealed that she once considered becoming an exotic dancer. Lopez coincidentally starred in Hustlers, where she portrayed a stripper stealing money from her Wall Street clients.

According to the star, she once thought about becoming a stripper to pay her bills. When asked if she ever thought about becoming one, J-Lo admitted it was on her mind, because many of her friends, who were dancers at the time, would often brag about making thousands of dollars in various clubs around New Jersey.

Her friends reportedly said she didn't need to do it topless, and to her, it sounded really great because she didn't have a lot of money at the time, and had to eat pizza. However, J-Lo later landed a role as a Fly Girl on In Living Color, a 1990s sketch-comedy show.

Later, she starred in other movies such as Selena, Anaconda, and Enough, among others. With her latest movie, Hustlers , J-Lo was able to dive into a different part of her personality. According to Jen, she liked portraying Ramona, although, admittedly, it made her quite nervous because of the complexities of the character.

What she liked the most about the characters in Hustlers, was the fact they were depicted as equals to the guys working on Wall Street. According to the singer-turned-actress, Ramona, to her, was like the friend who was fun to have around, but would often bring trouble into the group.

As fans of the iconic figure know, J-Lo has been in the public eye now for decades. In December of 2019, Charisse Van Horn reported on her appearence on CBS Sunday Morning , where Lopez explained how she has dealt with negativity as a star.

One instance she mentioned was when she spent 14 hours in jail over a nightclub shooting amid her relationship with P. Diddy in the late 1990s. Both her and Diddy were arrested, although, charges were eventually dropped. The media scrutiny soon followed.

According to the Hustlers alum, now that she's a lot older and wiser, she has a firm understanding of her own identity and isn't so bothered by negative media reports.

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