Jenna Jameson Responds To Mom Shamers Who Trolled Her Over 2-Year-Old Daughter Batel's Safety

Jenna Jameson Responds To Mom Shamers Who Trolled Her Over 2-Year-Old Daughter Batel's Safety
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Jenna Jameson is responding to the mommy shaming trolls who came at her over their concern for daughter Batel's safety.

The proud mama posted a series of videos of her 2-year-old daughter in their Hawaii condo on Instagram Stories. Followers immediately flooded the posts with concern over the little girl being so close to an open window. Their fear caused a slew of mean, hateful and mommy-shaming comments.

In the videos the toddler, Batel Lu as her mama affectionately calls her is spotted playing near a window that is slightly opened. The little girl is also shown pointing at the cranes down below through the open slot, as her mother laughs and continues to record her antics.

Jameson was giving her followers a tour of her new condo, which is what sparked the entire controversy. At first, she ignored the remarks and kept filming for her fans to get a glimpse of her digs. Then all the nasty comments became too much, and she responded with a video of her own.

"Okay, I am getting annoyed by everybody saying they are nervous from these windows," the mom began the video as she walked over close to the window so her followers could get a better look.

Jameson went on to open and close a couple of windows so the trolls could see how little the windows do open.

"As you can see, they are all sealed. This one, literally only opens that far," she shared making sure to get extremely close to the window.

The mother of three was not done giving the haters a lesson in safety.

"Do you see? That's it. Okay? I don't think Batel is going to be able to fit through here, okay. All y'all concerned can just pipe down," she stated in her last video.

Jenna Jameson is not here for those who think she would put her kids in harm's way with open windows. She proved her point in a series of videos showing there is no way, Batel Lu could fall through the window.

The blonde beauty lives in Hawaii with Batel's dad, her fiancé Lior Bitton, as well as her 10-year-old twins Jesse Jameson and Journey Jette. Her twin sons are from her previous relationship with the fighter, Tito Ortiz. The two finally have a civil custody arrangement after years of being in the midst of a nasty battle over the boys.

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